Owners of lower middle market companies partner with Pacific Growth Investors* (PGI) when they need $5 million to $25 million in capital from a financial partner with deep operating experience to achieve their growth strategies.

Our flexibly-structured equity plus debt capital solutions facilitate organic growth, acquisitions and recapitalizations for Precision Manufacturing, Business Services, Technology and Industrial companies.

* PGI is the successor firm to Vintage Capital Partners.

“Pacific Growth Investors is the first private equity firm I’ve dealt with that really understands our business and acts as a true partner. They are great board members, providing the right balance of oversight without being over-bearing.”
Bob Leaming, CEO, Spectra Aerospace


We invest in businesses led by experienced, proven management teams seeking a collaborative financial sponsor.

Our investment evaluation and diligence process uncovers areas where we can enhance enterprise value during the investment period.
Our flexibility in structuring transactions with a combination of preferred equity, common equity, senior secured debt and subordinated debt provides business owners with the capital they need without giving up operating control of their companies.
Our collaborative relationship with management as their financial sponsor results in well-defined, sustainable strategies that drive value creation.

“Pacific Growth Investors quickly impressed me by their integrity. They delivered a capital structure that meets everybody’s goals, rewarding legacy management if projections are met while providing downside protection for new money.”
James Miller, CEO & Chairman, ConQuest Firespray

Investment Guidelines

PGI, the successor firm to Vintage Capital Partners, has been providing flexibly-structured equity plus debt solutions to lower middle market companies since 2003. As the control financial sponsor, we structure majority or significant minority equity investments pursuant to the following guidelines:

Investment Size
$5 million - $25 million
> $20 million
> $0 (or clear path to positive EBITDA)
Uses of Funds
Organic Growth
Management Buyouts
Corporate Divestitures
Target Industries
Precision Manufacturing
Business Services
General Industrial
Focus Industry Sectors
Medical Device/Diagnostics
Common Equity
Preferred Equity
Subordinated Debt + Warrants
Senior Secured Debt + Warrants
Company Characteristics
Experienced Management Team: demonstrated historical success
Identified Growth Opportunities: organic, acquisitions, geographic expansion, product development
Attractive Expanding Margins
Western U.S.

Sustainable Investing

PGI focuses on generating top quartile investment results though adhering to its investment thesis of partnering with successful, capable, and ethical business owners who are seeking to evolve their businesses for long term success. PGI believes that by investing via flexible capital alternatives and providing operational expertise to each investment, it is contributing to long-term sustainable value creation and mitigating risks for all stakeholders across the investment continuum, from portfolio company employees to our investors.

PGI continually strives to improve and build upon the opportunities for value creation and risk mitigation, with a focus on developing durability and sustainability at all PGI companies. We believe the keys to achieving this objective are rooted in securing profitability of each enterprise. This starts with attracting and retaining key people in each organization and reducing risk, including environmental risk, through improvements in business processes. In essence, Profits, People, and the Planet are viewed as key principles of our investment approach.


Growing shareholder value starts with creating a profitable and sustainable enterprise, one that can reinvest back into its business, people, and surrounding community. This reinvestment includes but not limited to vocational training, tuition assistance, health and retirement benefits, employee career development, as well as facility improvements including energy and waste reductions. PGI aims to partner in situations where its expertise can aid in the development of viable, profitable enterprises that generate the resources to have a long-term impact in the areas where they operate.


PGI believes that a focus on sustainability and social responsibility are key aspects to attracting and retaining key talent in any organization. By offering equitable pay, job training, attractive and broad benefits, and educational opportunities while creating jobs for underrepresented people and fostering overall inclusiveness in the workplace, both PGI and our portfolio companies create greater value for all stakeholders.


The opportunities to mitigate risks for any business includes how best it identifies and uses the resources around it, including the physical environment. At Spectra, PGI partnered with management to help rebuild and improve two manufacturing facilities utilizing state of the art equipment and improved processes to decrease energy use and reduce the environmental impact to the community.

In summary, PGI focuses on establishing a collaborative relationship with our business owners who serve as partners as we strive to meet our overall investment objectives. Through these relationships, PGI seeks to find opportunities and develop strategies that not only enhance the profitability of each business but recognize that long-term value creation is a product of reinvesting in our people along with improving the utilization of resources that contribute to improving the planet.



PGI’s co-founding managing partners together have invested nearly $300 million across 14 companies in three funds since 2003. Their aggregate experience coupled with that of PGI’s operating partners exceeds 100 years of value creation for lower middle market companies as investors, board members and operators.

“Pacific Growth Investors is a patient partner that provides us with much more than just capital. The PGI team is instrumental in helping us navigate the opportunities and challenges experienced by every business. They listen carefully and provide access to a deep bench of experts.”
Jeff Scheinrock, CFO, Originate, Inc.

Mark A. Sampson

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Thomas Webster

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Austin Lindsey


Robert Thompson

Operating Partner

Timothy Dowd

Operating Partner


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